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Our Soft Play Story

Hello! Welcome to Adelaide Soft Play Hire! I am a mother of 2 lovely baby boys. As they were starting to grow up and crawl and climb obstacles, I found myself constantly needing to move away all the hard toys and plastics with sharp corner edging. I slowly replaced their toys with more soft toys they can play with and if they fell on to their soft toys, I wouldn't need to worry as much from the impact. That was when I started to fall in love with soft play toys, as I didn't want to cover them in bubble wrap, but gave them the freedom to play without the high chance of injuries.

Once it came time for their first birthday party, I wanted it to be special. Even though they won't remember the day (I think) I wanted them to have fun and enjoy their birthday party with a larger soft play area that was specially designed for them.

However, it was proving to be a challenge to find something that would cater to our needs. So with the motivation from my husband, and of course my baby boys, I started up Adelaide Soft Play. I wanted a product that would bring joy to my children so other babies and toddlers could enjoy the same soft play equipment and design I envisioned for our boys.

I wanted a product that would bring joy to my kids and their friends, which is when I realised we could be bringing joy to others in the community. With encouragement from my husband, we started this business to share our custom designs and play equipment for all babies and toddlers to enjoy.

Due to health issues in the family, we are no longer taking further bookings.

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