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Ball Pit Hire in Adelaide

Whether it’s your child’s birthday party or a Christmas celebration in your backyard, a ball pit can keep your kid, friends & family engaged for hours. They can also be hired with our soft play sets. The ocean of colourful balls becomes the perfect place for kids to jump around and have fun. If you are hiring a ball pit for the first time, you need to keep a few things in mind to ensure that the amount of money you spend is worth every penny.

1. Size of the ball pit

Balls pits come in various sizes and you need to figure out how much area you can afford to provide for one. For example, the smallest ball pits measure approximately 2m x 2m. On the other hand, the average sizes of medium and large ball pits are 3m x 3m and 4m x 4m respectively. You should first check how many kids will play in the pit. That should give you an idea of the size of the pit you should hire. It’s wise to hire a bigger size if you have many kids so that they can play in the pit at the same time.

2. Ball pit hire time

Many people think that the setup and disassembling time of the ball pit are included in the hire time. They are not. A team will come to your place at least thirty minutes before your specified time to install the ball pit. You can hire the pit for as many hours as you want. Once your hire time is over, a few guys from the company will come to dismantle the pit and take it back. That means if you hire the pit for 5 hours, there will be an additional hour to set up and disassemble the entire unit.

3. Setup fee

It’s a common misconception in Adelaide that ball pit hire companies charge a fee to set up the ball pits. No, they usually don’t. Most companies may travel to any part of Adelaide and install the ball pit you choose without charging anything extra. But you should still check with the ball pit hire company regarding the delivery fee. A few party equipment rental companies charge a minimal amount to deliver the ball pits, especially if they have to travel long distances.

4. Number of balls

The number of balls available in the pit usually depends on the pit’s size. Usually, most medium-sized pit balls come with at least 5000 colourful balls and a few stuffed toys. The balls are soft enough and wouldn’t hurt kids even if they throw them at each other.

5. Best age group

Ball pits are ideal for children between 9 months and 7 years. Some of the ball pits also contain basketball hoops, coupe cars, rocking horses, and slides, thus making the pit a fun place for kids below 7. Moreover, the thousands of colourful balls may make your kid and his friends jump into the pit as soon as they see it.

If you want your kids to have a gala time on their birthdays, Halloween, or Christmas, contact us to hirie a ball pit. Our ball pits are quite affordable and will ensure that your kids have a great time.

Due to health issues in the family, we are no longer taking further bookings.

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